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In August of 2013, AAM submitted an application to the Joint Legislative Audit Committe (JLAC) at the AZ Legislature to begin the process to obtain legal access to medications. Check back here for updates.



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December 10, 2013

Committee of Reference (COR) Meeting

The Committee of Reference will review the application to determine whether evidence supports the expansion of practice. If they approve, it will be recommended for next session legislation. This is a public meeting.



Sunrise committee members are meeting with legislators to answer their questions and advocate for future legislation.



Sunrise committee memebers are meeting with stakeholders from many different medical and healthcare organizations statewide to address their questions and concerns.



Legislation will be indroduced to change the statutue so that midwives can purchase, carry and administer certain necessary medications.



COR will make a recommendation for legislation.

OCT 16, 2013


AAM Sunrise committee members met with Health Committee of Reference Research Analyists from the House and the Senate answer questions about the application.

OCT 6, 2013

JLAC met and asigned AAM's Sunrise application to a Committee of Reference. 

Aug 30, 2013

AAM submitted Sunrise application to JLAC for review and assignement to a committee of reference.

AUG 8, 2013

AAM membership called a special meeting and members reviewed the Sunrise process, voted to go forward and established the Sunrise Committee.

JULY 1, 2013

AZ midwifery rules revisions were finalized. The issue of legal access to medications was not address. Rule still contains the expectation of medication administration without the legal ability to do so.

OCTOBER 6, 2014

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KJZZ Story - Midwives Push For Access To Meds

September 27, 2013

Women who give birth at home are looking for a different kind of labor than a hospital typically provides, namely one that is drug-free. But in an emergency, medication can sometimes be a lifesaver, for them and their babies. So, Arizona midwives are asking the state for permission to buy, carry and administer drugs.

September 13, 2013

Arizona midwives are seeking permission to give their patients potentially life-saving drugs. As it stands now, midwives now face felony charges if they buy, carry or administer medication.


So, the Arizona Association of Midwives is looking for the ability to use items like eye ointment for newborns and anti-hemorrhaging drugs.

June 3, 2013

...midwives and patients across the state are fighting for additional changes, including allowing midwifes to carry certain medications...

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Spread truths and dispel rumors: midwives do receive education and training about how to safety administer medications, midwives want only meds appropriate to scope of practice, midwives will not abuse meds to keep parents at home unsafely, midwives do transfer to hospitals in case of emergency and need meds to stabalize while waiting for EMS

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The AAM Sunrise Committee is composed of Licensed Midwives who are interested in supporting the Sunrise process. If you are a Licensed Midwife and would like to be more closely involved, please email us at and let us know.

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