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Inner Wisdom Women's Circle with Sister MorningStar

Find your voice   |   Share your Truth   |   Be heard

How does our inner wisdom get threatened sometimes?
How can you trust your own inner wisdom and the wisdom of your sisters?


Sister MorningStar will be leading a circle where midwives can talk through some of the more difficult conversations over the past few years. We recognize there has been a lot of people who have not felt heard, who have felt hurt or marginalized, who would like more understanding.


Sit in circle with your sisters and share your heart. 

We sincerely hope all midwives will join in hopes of bringing more love and compassion. This is a free event to all midwives and senior apprentice midwives. RSVP welcomed but not required. Come running!

Saturday, February 6th from 7 - 10 PM

5840 W. Robinson Way Chandler, AZ 85226

Click Here to RSVP

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