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A midwife is a trained professional who specializes in normal childbirth. She offers expert care, education, counseling and support to parents and newborns during the childbearing cycle. Midwives believe pregnancy and childbirth are normal and healthy life processes, which usually do not require medical interventions. Her goal is to help each person have the safest and most emotionally fulfilling birth experience. Today’s midwife is trained in the use of modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. She knows how to watch for and identify potential complications as well as provide emergency treatment until additional assistance is available, when necessary. Midwives are teachers and advocates who enable parents to make informed choices. More and more states are looking at midwives as providers for vital maternity care services. There are over 75 licensed midwives serving the communities of Arizona. Click here to find a midwife near you.

2017 Presidents Statement About Inclusivity

Please take a moment to read this letter from AAM's president, Pam White, and the board.



To advance the quality and accessibility of midwifery in Arizona. 



We do this by focusing on these pillars:

Improve Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity - to acknowledge our need to learn and elicit feedback, work towards creating safe space within our organization, offer training and workshops addressing privilege and marginalization, and promote inclusivity of ALL midwives including POC, LGBTQQIA2S, different-abled, and other marginalized communities


Professional education - developing up-to-date educational programs for midwives, provide an avenue for obtaining continuing education units, facilitate the growth and development of apprentices, scholarships for midwives and students of color

Public education - to educate the general public and other healthcare professionals regarding midwifery and community birth

Advocacy supporting community birth and the midwifery model - to support legislation in favor of midwifery, childbirth alternatives, and the rights of the childbearing family, as well as to maintain optimal legal status for licensed midwives in the state of Arizona

Peer review - to facilitate the peer review process as required by the state of Arizona and the National Association of Registered Midwives (NARM)

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