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For Midwifery Consumers

Why Choose Out of Hospital Birth?

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for parents and the choice as to where to have your baby can be one of the most important decisions you make. Having your baby at home or in a birth center may be the best option if you are a low-risk parent. In Arizona, midwives are licensed and regulated through the Department of Special Licensing within the Department of Health.

Care – having an out of hospital birth means having continuous care from your midwife. You can be surrounded by family and friends if you desire, or you can easily plan to have only your partner and your midwife with you.

Freedom – freedom to move, freedom to eat/drink, freedom to birth how you want. Freedom from interventions, freedom from restrictions…you do not have to struggle with ‘policies’.

Comfort – most people will agree, “There’s no place like home”. To bathe in your own bathtub, lay in your own bed, eat in your own kitchen.

Security – to know that you are the boss. The rules that are set are your own rules. Nobody will tell you who you can and can not have at your birth, or make you do something you do not want to do.
Convenience – Not having to travel in labor to another birth place, not having to wake up older siblings because you’re in labor, not being away from the family because of a hospital stay…having care providers come to you instead of you going to them.
Safety – Study after study has shown that in the absence of prenatal complications, out of hospital birth attended by a trained care provider is as safe or safer than birthing in a hospital.


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