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AAM Grant for Midwives of Color 

AAM is excited to offer a biannual grant to be awarded to midwives and senior student midwives of color. The goal of this grant is to continue the advancement of midwifery in our midwifery community and communities of color by helping to overcome some of the barriers that exist. This grant intentionally relies on the applicant to identify their area of need.


At least one grant will be awarded each cycle of up $500 per recipient. This application process intentionally relies on the applicant to be a midwife or senior student midwife (Phase 3 or the equivalent thereof), and self-identify as a person of color.


Grants will be awarded twice yearly following our Spring and Fall board meetings. Deadlines for applications are February 28th for Spring awards, and August 31 for Fall awards. Grants will be awarded to those who meet the qualifications outlined above. If more requests are received than funds available, the available funds may be divided among up to two qualified applicants. In the case of more than two qualified applicants, grant recipients will be selected by an electronic randomizer program. Grant recipients are eligible to reapply for grant funds one calendar year after previous award.


This program will be reevaluated annually at the final AAM board meeting of the calendar year. Please pass this information on to others who may be interested!



Application Instructions

 Complete and submit the application form to the right. If you have any questions please email AAM at


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