CLaRC - The AAM Committee for Legal and Regulatory Concerns


AAM's Committee for Legal and Regulatory Concerns (CLaRC) is comprised of several AZ licensed midwives. The purpose of this AAM committee is to address legal concerns for AAM midwives and to take actions to encourage improved midwifery regulatory climate in AZ.


The committee's current main focus and goals are:

  • Persue legal avenues to improve AZ midwifery

  • Assisting midwives experiencing enforcement actions in knowing their rights and responsibilites, and in obtaining legal counsel.


Upcoming Meetings and  Events

CLaRC meets each Thursday morning from 9am-11am. Location varies.

If you would like to attend, please contact

Are you a midwife who has recieved an enforcement letter, inquiry or phone call from AzDHS?  Stop!  Read this first and know your legal rights and responsibilites. Click here for

A Midwives Guide to Administrative Hearings.

5 Year Midwifery Rules Review


Midwifery rules are up for review early summer 2016 as part of the regular 5 year review with the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council (GRRC). We will not have this opportunity again for another 5 years!


Midwives: Please join us at 12pm Mondays beginning March 21 at the Burton Barr Library as we collectively review the current rules for needed changes.


Midwives and Midwifery Clients:  You can submit requests for rules changes individually and these requests MUST be considered by the GRRC during the Five Year Rules Review Process. Click here for more information.




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